MacShiny are one of the newer providers to the antivirus industry, and have made a huge dent in the market, with a large base of customers giving up on the major brands and moving to this new provider. MacShiny have catered to the modern customer, offering protection for all major devices, including your computer, smartphone and even tablet. MacShiny have it all and are set to take another large chunk of the market in 2019. So, despite it’s feature-rich and easy-to-use UI, is it the best protection available? How good is their 24/7 support and identity protection feature?


Value Value

You’ve probably seen that MacShiny are one of the lowest priced antivirus products available in the market, with an introductory rate of $19.95! Their advanced antivirus plan includes a feature-rich and simple to use UI. It seems they were able to deliver one of the most secure protection platforms for a price lower than the market has seen before. Every plan offers 3x licenses, which can be used for your Computer, Smartphone & Tablet or just multiple home computers. They also include additional performance and security tools within the standard package with the option to upgrade to an Experian driven Identity Protection package. MacShiny also offer a 30 Day Moneyback guarantee, so if you’re unhappy, you can contact customer support and receive 100% of your money back.

Reliability and Security Reliability and Security

MacShiny’s security engines were one of the first to block the recent viruses, including ‘wannacry’ & ‘petya’. This gave them a huge boost in customers moving over and speaks for itself about the level of protection provided. The software allows you to set a scheduled quick, or full scan of your computer and the real-time antivirus will monitor every process and instantly alert you of any detected threats. The standard advanced antivirus package also includes a web security ad on for your browser, this will monitor the URL’s and adverts serving in your browser, keeping you protected from malicious URL’s or phishing sites. Security & Protection seems to be one of the strongest in the market, and for a lower price… But I’ll let you decide!

Support and Customer Service Support and Customer Service

Impressive support is all I need to say here, but let me go into more detail. It seems that everywhere on the product there is a small chat widget available to instantly talk to a support agent, this makes it easy if you have questions or are unsure about anything. On top of this they offer 24/7 billing support over the phone, when we tested, it seemed to take only around 20 seconds to get through to a friendly english-speaking support agent. The only negative, is that they don’t seem to have technical support via phone, my guess is that they’ve grown too quick to be able to handle the volume on their free trial user base, let’s hope they can introduce this in the future!

Features Features

We wouldn’t call this just an antivirus, it seems to be more of a fully functioning security suite. Cleaner is only one of the features included in the software. The app has Cleaner, Speed up optimizer, File Manager, Backup and Restore, VPN Secure Browsing, URL Browsing Security, Secure Search Engine and even Identity protection provided by experian! This leaves me wondering how they managed to build such a comprehensive security suite when they are so new to the market, they must have a phenomenal team of software engineers! The mass feature set allows you to have only 1 piece of software on your computer, instead of multiple software for different things. Quite impressive, are they missing any major features? It doesn’t seem so.

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